The Shining Hostel – Turnerjeva 17

If your desired time is not available and it is impossible for you to come play at another time, please call 041 33 44 10. Sometimes we can make magic 🙂

The strangest things happen in this remote hostel, run by a lonely, overzealous Kubrick buff!

Not only is the Shining Hostel situated in a remote location, its lonely night manager is a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick films. He’s always pleased to have guests, but only so that he can lock them in the hostel. Now you’ve happened upon this strange hostel in hopes of getting out of the storm, but before you know it, you realise that things are about to go from bad to worse.

You can now get away only if you can understand the messages left by the previous hostel guests, who have either already escaped or have ended up in the cold … Not to mention that the night manager is busy watching his favourite film The Shining – which means that you have just one hour to escape before the film ends!

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The price is 60 EUR. This includes a visit to one of the rooms for a group of participants (min 2 and max 4 people). You can pay 15€ for an additional player on the spot. Book your session using our booking system below:

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Advance bookings via Internet are mandatory, since Enigmarium unlocks its doors only at previously scheduled times.

You can pay via bank transfer or at the location when you arrive to play. Please call us at +396 (0)41 33 44 10 or send us an e-mail to in order to make other payment arrangements.