Redlight Casino – Turnerjeva 17

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Help Bridget find her documents so she can return home after her bachelorette party! XXX-cellent thrills in this sizzling adults-only game!

Help Bridget find her lost documents so she can return home after her steamy bachelorette party, a night she will never remember! She’s woken up wearing a Playboy bunny tail and ears and must catch her plane in one hour so that she can fly home to her fiancé, but her documents have been locked away in the mafia boss’s safe, tucked away in the illegal cardroom.
The only solution is to break into his safe.
Will Bridget make it to her wedding?

An entertaining, sizzling and seXXXy game – for adults only.

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The price is 60 EUR. This includes a visit to one of the rooms for a group of participants (min 2 and max 4 people). You can pay 15€ for an additional player on the spot. Book your session using our booking system below:

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