Escape Igloo – now on Turnerjeva 17 in Maribor

If your desired time is not available and it is impossible for you to come play at another time, please call 041 33 44 10. Sometimes we can make magic 🙂

The Escape Igloo® is our “coolest” room, a unique escape room that received the prestigious Snovalec 2015 Award. Since the real Escape Igloo® can only be built during the winter, we have recreated the gaming experience of our 2015 Igloo v.1 indoors on Turnerjeva 17 in Maribor. Come have fun while saving the world!

Your mission:

A meteor has hit Earth and thrown the world out of balance. The magnetic pole has been shifted to the heart of Kranjska Gora. The results are catastrophic. The compass needle has gone crazy and a new ice age is approaching. Only those teams who have enough courage, knowledge and skill to find the four missing elements will succeed in saving the planet and restoring the Earth’s equilibirium.

But, beware:
The forces in the explorers’ igloo standing just above the new magnetic pole are so strong, that it’s possible to survive in it for only a short time! Will you be able to decipher the codes, search for hidden clues, unravel puzzles and find the four elements in time? Will you manage to save the planet? Are you game? Gather a team of players and book your session now!

Book now

The price is 60 EUR. This includes a visit to one of the rooms for a group of participants (min 2 and max 4 people). You can pay 15€ for an additional player on the spot. Book your session using our booking system below:

  1. Choose an open spot
  2. Enter the required contact data

Advance bookings via Internet are mandatory, since Enigmarium unlocks its doors only at previously scheduled times.

You can pay via bank transfer or at the location when you arrive to play. Please call us at +396 (0)41 33 44 10 or send us an e-mail to in order to make other payment arrangements.