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Ω virus outbreak – Turnerjeva 17

If your desired time is not available and it is impossible for you to come play at another time, please call 041 33 44 10. Sometimes we can make magic. 🙂

Europe’s most immersive escape game! No one is immune!

In a top-secret laboratory, the young researcher John Smith has been conducting experiments with mutations of viral strands and has now created a terrifying, new virus. He dubbed it the Omega virus, because Omega is the final letter – and this virus is so lethal that everyone who comes into contact with it has only 60 minutes to live. Upon realising the horror of his creation, he drank himself under the table out of misery and decided to destroy the virus. Mistake! In his drunken stupor he broke a vial and infected himself. His final act was to push the button to commence the laboratory’s self-destruction process. But that won’t save the world, the explosion will only spread the virus throughout the atmosphere! Only one, specially trained team in the world, the Alpha team, is perhaps qualified to be fast enough in finding the virus, deactivating it and preparing the vaccine. That team is our only hope.

WARNING: Because of the immersive environment of the Omega Virus Outbreak room – which is made so that you forget about the outside world – the game demands physical skill and can even be frightening to some players. Thus, we recommend this game only for players aged 16 or older. It is not recommended for players under 14. For younger players, we highly recommend Dr. Hannibal’s room and Hostel Shining as well as our outdoor adventure game Unlock Maribor.

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The price of a visit to the room is 60€, you can reserve your session through our booking system below:

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Sessions are available every day at 10h, 11.30h, 13h, 14.30h, 16h, 17.30h, 19h in 20.30h.

Advance bookings via Internet are mandatory, since Enigmarium unlocks its doors only at previously scheduled times.

You can pay via bank transfer or at the location when you arrive to play. Please call us at +396 (0)41 33 44 10 or send us an e-mail to in order to make other payment arrangements.